The Best Nintendo Switch Games Deals In The US Eshop

Whether you’ve run out of games to play on your Nintendo Switch or you’re just in the market for a deal, you’ll probably want to check out what games are on sale on the Nintendo Eshop this week. Eshop sales aren’t regular weekly events, so these titles could go back up to full price at any time. So if you see a deal you want, make sure to scoop it up before you miss out.

Once again, no big first-party games make the list this week–though if you don’t have a Switch yet, you can purchase one from Best Buy and save $30 off a selection of first-party titles. But back on the Eshop, plenty of smaller games and classics are on sale.

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Fans of retro arcade games are in luck, because select Neo Geo games that Hamster Corporation has ported to Switch are on sale. They usually cost $8 each, but a handful of them are on sale now for $5 a piece. You can pick up Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury 2, Samurai Shodown, and more at the discounted rate.

Aside from that, the puzzle/brawler Battle Chef Brigade, which just got a substantial update, is on sale for $12. The challenging-yet-enjoyable platformer Mutant Mudds Collection is down to $7.50, while the Metroid-style game Xeodrifter is on discount for $5. And while it’s not on sale, the indie gem Hypter Light Drifter has just arrived on the Switch Eshop for $20.

We have some additional selections for your to peruse below, or you can hop over to the Eshop to view the full list of deals on Switch, 3DS, and Wii U games.

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